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Missionary Oblate Sisters

of Saint Boniface

Cum Maria
Matre Jesu


The Canonical General Assembly which should have been held the summer of 2021,

has been postponed to the summer of 2022, due to the Corona Virus pandemic.


A Manitoba Special Act Corporation was created in August 2018, evidencing the

incorporation of

The Missionary Oblate Sisters of St Boniface Inc.


 Congratulations to the 2019 Jubilarians !



    Back row:  Pierrette Boucher 60th,  Pauline Boucher 60th, Marie-Anna Ruest 75th,
Brigitte Bissonnette 60th,  Léa Archambault 60th,  Yvette Bernardin 60th

Front  row :  Thérèse Croteau  70th







Associates Renewal Day of Promises

May 4th, 2019





 Haiti Project 2018



Louise Dansereau and I went back to Haiti to work at the new orphanage housing 39 orphans. During the week we helped the chidren with their homework and recitation of lessons. On week-ends we had more time to play games, do puzzles, play with plasticine, etc. Again, it was our loving presence, our attentive listening to their stories and our open arms to their way of life that brought them happiness,peace and joy.

Louise and I will continue our missionnary work in Haiti in

January 2019




Haiti Project 2015

by Sr. Berthe O'Reilly, m.o.

January 2015, Sister Corinne Chartier, S.N.J.M. and myself left for Haiti to do missionary work for Father André Sylvestre. For 14 weeks,we worked at a school in Robillard where Fathe André was parish priest and in charge of the school.The school had over 300 students from K to grade 6. Some teachers did not have any training for teaching. We would spend the day listening and supporting all the teachers. At the request of teachers we did some teaching. We would meet the teachers regularly to discuss different ways of teaching and doing discipline. The staff welcomed our recommendations and hand-on materials with open arms. At the end of our mission they thanked us with dances, songs and words of appreciation like the Haitien people can do. We were invited to return to their school.

The last ten days were spent at the orphanage of Father André in Cap-Haitien. We were met by 29 orphans - 17 girls and 12 boys aged 3 to 12 years old. During these few days we helped the children with their homework and recitation of lessons. Between their homework, meals and shower we would play with them. We were restrained in space, games and toys. Our loving presence and our attentive listening were worth more than a million like Father André would tell us.




Our 2018 Jubilarians 


From left to right:  S. Marie-Anne Fillion, 75th ; standing, S. Lucille Bonin, 60th 

S. Agnes Jolicoeur, 75th ;  standing, S. Olive Halpin, 60th ; S. Odile Vuignier, 75th




General Assembly 2017  



New General Leadership Team

From left to right: Sr. Yvette Bernardin, General Assistant, Sr. Léa Archambault,

General Superior, Sr. Olive Halpin, General secretary and Councillor.



2017 Jubilarians



From left to right top row:

SS.Cécile Perrin, Pierrette Caron, Lumina Chartrand, Louisette Bérubé,

Cécile Fontaine and Angeline Courcelles.

Bottom row:

SS. Yvonne Fillion and Jeannette St. Vincent.


 2016 Jubilarians


Sr. Bernadette Desorcy     Sr. Marguerite Hamel

   70th Anniversay                  60th Anniversary



2015 Jubilarians

60th anniversary


  Sr. Marie-Rose Cadorette, Sr. Cécile Fortier, Sr. Suzanne Boucher



Private celebration

2015 Jubilarians

Dora Tetreault, 70th, Solanges Bourgeois, 60th, Hélène Roy, 60th, Marie Beaupré, 60th

Aline Bertrand, 75th


The Missionary Oblate Sisters 20th General Chapter

The New Leadership Team

(from left to right)

Emma Bérard, 3rd councillor, Léa Archambault, 1st councillor,

Cécile fortier, General Superior, Brigitte Bissonnette, 2nd councillor


Preparing for our next General Chapter (July 8 - 18, 2013)

Members of the pre-Chapter Commission

From left to right

Denise Kyup, R.N.D.M. (animator), Emma Berard, m.o., Pauline Boucher, m.o., Léa Archambault, m.o.

Marguerite Hamel, m.o., Jeannine Vermette, S.N.J.M. (co-animator)


Chapter Theme

 «Go forth in faith towards the future»