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Missionary Oblate Sisters

of Saint Boniface

Cum Maria
Matre Jesu

The Spirituality of the Missionary Oblate Sisters

"Create a place of solitude in your heart and come there
for silence and rest". ( Mère Marie-Saint-Viateur)

The spirituality of a religious Congregation is an expression of its charism. It is the unique manner in which the members of the Congregation incarnate Christ in their lives and in their apostolate.

Archbishop Langevin wanted the Oblate Sisters to be missionary-educator through the total gift of themselves to Christ and by their availability to others,


"It is through Christ, with Him and in Him that the Missionary Oblates make of their lives, both in prayer and in action, a continual offering and acts of adoration to the Father. In the Word of God, in prayer and the sacraments, they find the grace that makes their fraternal love and their apostolate fruitful". (C34)


The love of Christ and especially His spirit of oblation is the heart and focus of the Oblate spirituality. To be an Oblate means to be offered. Each day the Oblate Sister presents herself to the Father in union with Jesus offering her prayers, works, joys and sufferings. In all things she strives to do the will of the Father so that all may be restored and transformed in Christ.

Mary is her model and companion of the journey of every Oblate Sister. Her openness, simplicity, and charity are the inspiration for the Sister's own YES to God's plan of love for her.