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Missionary Oblate Sisters

of Saint Boniface

Cum Maria
Matre Jesu


Would you like to help our organization assist the poor?

The Charitable Works of the Missionary Oblate Sisters is a registered charitable organization established in January 1978. Its goal is to receive donations to promote the advancement of education and religion, and to help the Catholic Missions, and the Missionary Oblate Sisters' apostolate in Africa and other countries.

There are different ways that you can help the Missionary Oblate Sisters to support those who serve in the ministries with the poor:


Make cheques out to: "Les Oeuvres des Missionnaires Oblates"

Send to:

Missionary Oblate Sisters
Les Oeuvres des Missionnaires Oblates

Ste. -3 - 601 Aulneau, 
Winnipeg MB R2H 2V5

Thank you for your interest and support.