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Missionary Oblate Sisters

of Saint Boniface

Cum Maria
Matre Jesu

Associates of the Missionary Oblate Sisters

"It is through Christ, with Him and in Him that the Missionary Oblate Sisters make of their lives, both in prayer and in action, a continual offering and an act of adoration to the Father". (Constitution 34)

"Open to the action of the Holy Spirit, our congregation welcomes as Associates anyone who feels called to share our spirituality, our community life and our apostolate. Grateful for this mutual favor, our communities in various locations collaborate in welcoming, encouraging, and sharing with the Associates, as noted in the directives of the General Administration.

( Modality 19)

What is an associate of the Missionary Oblate Sisters?

The second Vatican Council emphasizes the role of laity in the mission of the Church to the world (Gaudium et Spes. 43-Vatican II) and encourages lay people to be FAITHFUL WITNESSES OF CHRIST by living more deeply the evangelical message and by pursuing the path of holiness in the world. (Apostolatu Laicorum 25-Vatican II) A lay person may choose to respond to the call of Vatican II by becoming an Associate of the Missionary Oblate Sisters. This form of membership invites the person to participate in the spirituality, prayer life and mission of the Sisters.


What is the mission of the Missionary Oblate Sisters?

The Oblate Sisters are Missionary Educators. They proclaim the Good News by helping people, especially the underprivileged, to attain their full human potential in order to contribute effectively to the transformation of the world. 

How do the associates participate in the Oblate mission?

Led by the Holy Spirit and with Mary the Mother of Jesus, the Associates participate in the Oblate mission by working in their respective parishes and communities according to their personal gifts. Thus, by this spiritual support and encouragement, they grow in love and service of God and others and collaborate in restoring peace and justice in the world. 

What do the associates commit to?

Associates do not take vows. Generally they do not live with the Missionary Oblate community but continue to live their chosen vocation and work. They commit themselves to live in a spirit of prayer and oblation (offering), united with the Sisters' commitment to serve the poor, according to their personal gifts, respecting the means of each one. This commitment is renewed and celebrated each year. 

Who can become an associate?

Any person: single men and women, married couples, families (parents and children) who see the association as a way to fulfill their Christian vocation, and feel attracted to share more closely with others the mission of Missionary Oblate Sisters. 

How does one become an associate?

 To become an Associate, the person will:

  1. Contact the Associates' Coordinator and attend a pre-interview;
  2. Attend seven formation meetings;
  3. After a retreat and a period of discernment, make a promise of commitment for one year.